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Facebook turns 9 year olds today
The site was started on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a sophomore (second year) at Harvard University. Zuckerberg had launched an initial version of site, then known as Facemash in 2003 but Harvard authorities had shut it down as he had got the information for the site by hacking into administration records. Zuckeberg relaunched Facemash as initially and the name was later changed to Facebook.
Amazon And Google Are On A Collision Course In 2013
Amazon, Google rivalry will escalate in 2013. Companies compete in increasing number of areas, including Ads, retail, mobile, cloud computing.
YouTube will start experimenting with charging subscription fees for some of its branded content following its partnerships.
Samsung Galaxy S IV will release in April 2013 ?
This is not the first time we heard that Samsung is preparing the successor to the Galaxy S III. This time, the issue that blows mention that the South Korean vendor will release the Samsung Galaxy S IV in April 2013.